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Bikini Fit Full Body Program

*Home & Gym Versions Available Seperately or Bundled

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This 8 weeks program is for anyone who wants to learn the best exercises to target your entire body and get bikini fit!

What's Included:

8 Weeks of Full Body Workouts

45-60 Minute Workouts
Video Demo
Stretch Guides
Adaptable Cardio Routines (for home/outside or typical cardio equipment)
Weekly workout frequency reps & sets schedule for beginners, intermediates and advanced.
Workouts accessed via online training platform.
EXCLUSIVE access to my private Girl Hustle Motivation Community.
Lifetime Access

Equipement Needed:

Home: 1 Set of Dumbbells, 1 Booty Band (Loop/Resistance Bands), Chair.
Gym: Standard Gym Equipment & Booty Band (Loop/Resistance Bands)

FREE: Carb Cycling Nutrition Guide!

Home or Gym Version: $104 - One Time Payment

Bundle: $157 - One Time Payment